Lauer Learning is the brainchild of Andrea Lauer Rice, a multimedia producer, author and speaker. The company creates multimedia products to teach the next generation about culture, history and heritage.

From the past decade, Lauer Rice’s multimedia credits include:

  • Memory Project – a visual history archive with 100 interviews;
  • Loveszek – a documentary film to be released in 2017;
  • FF56! – an educational computer game;
  • “Freedom Fighters of ’56!” – a historically-accurate graphic novel;
  • www.FreedomFighter56.com – oral history site;
  • and  “56 Stories – Personal Recollections of the Revolution” – a coffee table book published in both Hungarian and English
  • and more…

Lauer Rice grew up with strong ties to her Hungarian heritage and largely Southern upbringing. Throughout her professional life, she has focused on creating educational materials and using technology to reach young people.

For more than 6 years, she lived in Budapest, Hungary, just after the Berlin Wall came down and communism ended in the region. She learned valuable lessons teaching computer-assisted reporting at the advent of the Internet. During that historic time, Lauer Rice saw firsthand how technology can level the playing field. She followed this newfound passion to IBM and worked to evangelize the use of gaming and simulations in education.

Soonafter she founded Lauer Learning to answer the question – how does one generation pass on heritage and traditions to the next? All products and projects are attempts to accomplish this goal.

In addition to multimedia production and writing and editing books, she is also an active Mistress of Ceremonies and public speaker. Lauer Rice emcees two annual dinners in Washington DC and speaks on topics such as the National Park Service, education and heritage at conferences.

Lauer Rice has an MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University and a BA in Journalism from Lehigh University. She serves on Advisory Councils and Boards for a number of educational and cultural organizations and has been honored for her work. Her husband and two children serve as inspiration, an unbelievable support network and occasionally as guinea pigs for her latest creations.