Lauer Learning creates innovative multimedia products to teach children about culture and history to pass on heritage. The goal behind our products and projects is to expose children of all ages to unique, memorable educational experiences.

Web of Multimedia Resources

From documentary films to visual archives to games, Lauer Learning creates a web of resources that help children learn,  no matter what their learning style or preference may be. These lessons are reinforced through the additional resources.

In some cases, these resources help when children are exposed to a totally new topic in school – like the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. In other cases, the tools can be used by families and/or communities to help pass on their culture to the next generation.

How does this work for a family?

Lauer Learning has created tools that multiple generations within a family can utilize. For example, two educational booklets based on activities and game-based learning that parents and grandparents can use with their kids and grandkids. When a family creates a shared experience around learning, it becomes all the more memorable and repeatable. And everyone involved can learn!

Resources on Hungarian Revolution

Lauer Learning has produced a number of resources around the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. They include:

  • a computer game,
  • graphic novel,
  • oral history website,
  • educational booklet,
  • multimedia exhibits,
  • visual history archive containing interviews
  • and more.

Families can work on the booklets together, watch an interview, attend a multimedia exhibit and more. Because families experience it together, and have multiple resources to keep learning in different ways, this can lead to some important discussions. The hope is that families can personalize their experiences and the kids become so inspired they record their own family history. (We provide interview guides and methodologies to make that as easy as possible.)

What a powerful way to pass on your heritage to the next generation!

National Park Service – US History

The NPS social media campaign is a little different. It began as a grassroots effort to share stories from NPS sites all across the country. The campaign was our family’s way to talk about the 216 incredible locations we have seen so far and inspire others to visit. It has quickly grown into a platform with close to 10,000 followers where lessons are taught about US history and culture.

These are but two examples. By combining technology and educational methodology with compelling stories, vivid images and exciting gameplay, Lauer Learning creates engaging and unforgettable learning experiences.