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FF56! Computer Game

Fight for Your Freedom! — FF56! Is the best history book you’ll ever play!

“FF56!” is an interactive graphic novel game that allows teens to step back in time to experience the events of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

FF56! Step into the Revolution!

FF56! is an interactive graphic novel that mixes rich, historically-accurate narrative with first person gaming. Learn through this immersive story as it literally drops you into the streets of Budapest. You will struggle alongside the heroic characters that fought for Hungary’s freedom, despite the overwhelming odds.

Immersed in authentic imagery and actual experiences, players are challenged to make strategic decisions, wrestle with moral dilemmas and gather historically accurate inventory items to use in persuasion scenarios throughout the game.

Players gain Freedom Fighter Points by delivering medical supplies, rescuing the wounded, and battling Soviet soldiers and the dreaded secret police.

During the FF56! interactive experience, virtual freedom fighters listen to authentic radio broadcasts, read from the first free newspapers and meet historic personalities involved in the Revolution.

Dramatic bilingual narration and an original soundtrack enhance the telling of this courageous battle. Based on actual events and personal accounts from ’56ers,

FF56! is the best history book you will ever play.

Are you bold enough to face the odds?


  • Executive Producer – Andrea Lauer Rice
  • Director – Red Hill Studios

NOTE: This product is no longer available for purchase.