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Freedom Fighters Graphic Novel

In 2006, for the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Lauer Learning created a historically-accurate graphic novel. It is based on stories from the oral history website and the FF56! computer game.

Hungarian Freedom Fighters of 1956

At the height of the Cold War, thousands of Hungarians gathered to protest Soviet rule and demand independence. When their pleas fell on deaf ears, one option became inevitable…Revolution!

Jump into the adventure of a lifetime for three young Hungarians as they are swept up in the battle against oppression! They must fight to save themselves and their families!

This unique graphic novel tells the story of 3 young freedom fighters who come of age as their country battles for freedom against all odds. The story is told through more than 250 rich illustrations. It is based on historically-accurate details of behind the scenes events, historic personalities and real freedom fighters.

Step into the Revolution!


  • Authors – Andrea Lauer Rice, Brian Narelle
  • Art Direction – Peter Babakitis


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